PDF files don't display on mobile devices after a GWIA upgra

Hi everybody,
After the upgraded to version 2014, the GWIA was very problematic that the Novell Engineer decided to delete the GWIA object and recreate it. The problem was that I forgot and he forgot to take screen shoots of the GWIA configuration pages before deleting the object. Now all the emails forwarded by using the rule set as "Forward as an attachment to:" action come in as MIME format attachments files just like they did before the upgrade but now the attached pdf, doc. etc files got remove/destroy before they get on the iPhones and other mobile devices. In addition, the emails don’t display the original sender email address on the “From:” field. The same emails open fine in the workstations. I got the impression that the Novell Engineer who deleted/recreated my GWIA object does not even want to deal with this issue. I opened a service ticket with Novell tech support; I was put in the GW queue for close to 3 hours and nobody seemed to be interested in taking my case. The system keeps transferring my case to the CSR queue. Any ideas how to fix this issue?
Thank you.


  • Hi,

    Firstly, please give us your SR number - thank you :)

    Secondly, are your mobile devices accessing e-mail via WebAccess, GroupWise Mobility Server, or POP3/IMAP? Also, when you say the original sender's e-mail address does not display in the "From" field, may I ask what, if any, address is displayed there?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.