Remove Contact Folder User

On 2.0.2 we use Contact Lists with department folders for organization.
I have noticed when a user account is purged, the purged account still shows in the Contact List Folder.
I assumed if the NDS account is purged the account would disappear from the contact list.
Should the GW Messenger Contact disappear from the Contact Folder if the NDS account is purged?
Should I have to manage NDS "and" the contact list on each account if it is purged?
Thank You for any assistance or clarification.


  • I used version 2.2.2 and also occurs this issue.
    When an account is deleted in the eDirectory the Novell Messenger system detects that the account was removed and shows this message: "The listed contacts no longer exist in the Messenger system. Click OK to remove the invalid contacts from you contacts list".
    When the user presses OK, the user is removed from the general list of contacts and other folders.
    But if the account was added directly to a personal folder or a custom folder, the account is not deleted even if you have been purge the account of the eDirectory and should be deleted, either by the user himself or by the administrator of the Messenger service.