Messenger and Mobility

I recently setup GW Enterprise Messaging with GW18 and the Messaging 18. I want to allow the Mobility users (only) to run the mobile app as they are the only authorized users to have access to Groupwise via a mobile device and the reason we are implementing Messaging. I am not able to find any documentation on how to set up Messaging app use for only my Mobility users (they are in an eDirectory group). I also cannot find how to securely configure access to allow their devices to message into the messaging server (which is also the main GW sever) or best practices on this type of a setup. We do have a firewall in front of everything on the network. I am very serious about security and want to make sure this access is done right.

Does anyone have any info or can anyone point me to some documentation? I have read over the Messenger documentation already and didn't find specific info related to my needs.

It seems that Messenger does not allow you to work with any user groups, only enable per user? Will this change? For now I went into the GWAdmin console to Messenger, MessengerService, Policy link and created a new policy for allowing just the mobility group to use the mobile app and I suppose I have to set that as the Policy ID for each mobile user.

Appreciate any input - thanks!

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