Quickfinder index seems not to finish for one user

Hi Forum,


I have one account which gets indexed completely by quickfinder every run.
From the POA logfile:
B241 Updating QuickFinder index: userrgr.db (2587602)

For all other users the number in the parenthesis is very low, often zero.
QF always takes several hours until it finishes because of the problem user.
What could be the problem with that user?

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  • Hello Laura,

    the only effect is, that QF moves on to the next user after it has indexed 2000 items for the problem user:
    Updating QuickFinder index: userrgr.db (2410170)
    02:03:51 23CF QuickFinder: 10 items indexed
    02:03:52 23CF Indexing on attachment (~hcp.hcp)
    02:03:52 23CF QuickFinder: 20 items indexed
    02:06:01 23CF QuickFinder: 1990 items indexed
    02:06:01 23CF QuickFinder: 2000 items indexed
    02:06:04 23CF Updating QuickFinder index: user0ds.db (1015)

    Why does it stop after 2000? But IMHO the more interesting question is, how can I find the problem attachment which cause the F041?
    Do I have to set the loglevel to diagnostic for the whole QF run? Until now I switched to diagnostic level only for a short time, just enough to start the reduild index, than switched back to verbose.