Client crashes after upgrade

GW client version is crashing for my users in Citrix. This is on multiple W2003 boxes for various, but not all, users. I've collected the grpwise.rpt and grpwise.dmp files for a few users, but these files are deleted at the end of the Citrix session, so I don't have them all.

Windows event logs are mostly generic with only the faulting address sometimes changing - Event ID 1000. Faulting application grpwise.exe version, module unknown, fault address 0x2e90ae01, 0x002eb27f, 0x8a055ef7, etc.

Users report the client just closes. Trying to pull more info from them, but it's all I have right now.

Anyone else seen any client behavior like this? Where should I go next? I don't find many client related items for GW2014 in the KB. Thanks in advance...