Junk Mail Exceptions?

I have been working on the Novell Service Desk solution and currently use GroupLink's everythingHelpDesk for Support Request within the school system. I have both solutions using a support e-mail address to interact with the end user. Over the years I have been increasingly frustrated with the end users not providing an exception for that address or the complete domain. I am wondering if there is a way to force GroupWise to ignore the Junk Mail rules for the domain the end user is a member of. If a message comes from support@mydomain.com and the end user is at enduser@mydomain.com I don't want that blocked. The end users I am dealing with are either not understanding or unwilling to make the adjustment and then end up missing responses to the Support Requests submitted.

Is there any way to get this done for the end user without investing in a third party app? I have looked at GWAVA's product for managing rules but that seems like a lot of money just to deal with the few items that really should be handled by the end user.