Sent Items Properties issue

Similar to lchen's issue from 6/5/2013 we are having trouble viewing sent item properties. When a user attempts to view sent item properties they get a pop-up

File Download - Security warning. Do you want to open or save this file?

Neither the save or view option works.

Systems are all Win7x64. I've tested this with v12.0.1 and 12.0.2

Groupwise is deployed via SCCM per system unattended with a gwtuner-created transform applied. This problem occurs whether a standard user or a local administrator. Tested with email sent to one recipient, not thousands.

Any help is appreciated. This feature is one of the main one's for staying with GroupWise.




  • The issue is with the View files on the POA. Questions:

    1. Do you have a software distribution directory defined?
    2. Can the POA get to it?
    3. Is it updated?

    The POA "should" update the View files when it starts from the latest version in the SDD.

    If not, you can manually update the view files ( /poa_path/ofviews ) with the latest view files, after making a backup of the existing ones just in case.

    Another symptom of this is an inability to create multi-day appointments. GW 8 let you pick the days from a multi-month calendar popup, GW 2012 has a re-occuring button in the compose view. When the view files are old, the re-occuring button will be absent, and in the 2012 client the popup calendar view is missing the link to the multi-month popup.

    -- Bob
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