Central distributionlist for external contacts

Dear forum!

We have a usercase where they are requesting a central distributionlist/group that should be administered by a single owner (but not bound to that user in case this position change).
This is no problem as long as the contacts being added are within your own groupwise domain but as soon as there need to be an external contact it cannot be added to a central group since GW can only seem to add people that it can find in the central repository/directory.

Is there any way this could be setup, or any other solutions to the usercase that others have solved?

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  • Hi Patrik,

    Have you setup an external domain, external post office, and created these external e-mail addresses as external people in your system?

    Take a look at this TID: https://www.novell.com/support/kb/doc.php?id=3230787

    You can perform the steps using the GroupWise Admin Console for GroupWise 2014.

    Please let us know if you have set this up.

  • Hi Laura,

    I have looked into the external domain/post office before and it is not a viable solution because users are not allowed into the admin console. This means each time a person in the domain would want to add an external contact to a group, they would have to send us a ticket to IT.
    They want to be able to administer the group themselves.

  • Hi Patrik

    I think that I misunderstood your initial question. If you are asking that an "end user" may define a new external e-mail address inside of your GroupWise address book and thus be able to add said address to a distribution group that they have admin rights to, then that can't be done, as far as I am aware! Someone with admin rights in the Admin Console would need to first create the external user account in the external system before it will be available. I am, at this point, not too sure of what to suggest as a work around - assuming that I am understanding you correctly?

  • That would be the correct assesment of my situation yes :)
    User is not open to using the method of creating a local group with external contacts and exporting to a shared networkdrive where others can just double-click to import it so with that I feel there is no way to achieve this.
    Thank you for your time nontheless!

  • Hi,

    we often have the same problem and there is no realy smooth resolution.
    We decided to create a new non personal Groupwise account for that case.
    Create an address book in that account and share it to the designated group of users with read and/or write access to that book. So they can manage external addresses and create groups within that address book.
    If someone leaves, the account will be removed from the list of users which got that book shared. And the book will be shared to someone other if needed.
    Maybe that is a possible "workaround" for you :)