Personal Distribution Lists Cleanup

Please confirm for me there is no way to cleanup distribution list in someone's frequent contacts when a user has been deleted from the system. I try to keep the settings set so the client does not save internal addresses (to or from), but not always the case.

  • Hi Bill,

    Unfortunately I don't have a GroupWise 8 system to test on, but I've done the following on GroupWise 2012SP2.... created a personal address book, in the personal address book created a personal distribution list, added somebody from the GroupWise System Address book to the personal distribution list. I then deleted the GroupWise account. At this point the user was removed from the System Address Book but remained in the personal distribution list. I then kick started the Nightly User Upkeep process. Once that had run the person was no longer in the personal distribution list.

    I would image that this should work the same on GroupWise 8. So for starters I'd check to ensure that your Nightly User Upkeep process is running correctly.

    Alternatively, I think, that running the GWCheck standalone utility with the PABONLY option will update the address books.

    Hope that this helps.