Recover Account - userdb missing

Hi Forum,

unfortunately I have to recover a deleted gw account. Nothing new so far.
I followed the novell documentation an make a copy of the wpdomain.db available where the user still exists.
Then user C1 to recover the account and get a success message.

IMHO in this moment I should be able to login as the recovered user. For sure it's an ampty mailbox.
I want to recover mails via gwava reload now.

But I get an error and the poa logs told me this:

11:01:04 F3DB The database function 44 reported error [C05D] on usersda.db
11:01:04 F3DB Error: Dependent store file does not exist on the disk [C05D] User:

I get this message even after a structural rebuild and a re-create user db with gwcheck.

Question now is, why did the first step not recover the user db and how do I get it restored?
Do I have to copy the user database manually from the backup to its original location? Found no need for that in the novell documentation...

Thanks in advance,
  • Hi Pascal,

    This error typically indicates that the deleted user db was never dropped successfully from the ngwguard.db. The C05D error is almost always that the database in question is registered in the Guardian database but is not on disk.

    I have seen this before on recovering a deleted account!

    Here's what I did to fix it:

    1. Identify the specific database in question - you have already done that.
    2. Start the Windows based, standalone version of GWCheck and fill in the post office information.
    3. In the User/Resource field enter the database name that you noted in step 1.
    4. In Action select Structural Rebuild.
    5. Select Run.

    If the check is successful you should see an Error 26 in the GWCheck log. This means that the database registry entry has been removed from the guardian database (ngwguard.db).

    It may be necessary to restart the POA as the problem database, or lack thereof, has been cached. I found this step very necessary.

    Please let us know how it goes.

  • Hi Laura,

    now that you mentioned the ngwguard.db, I remembered something ^^
    It was enough to do a a POA restart. After that the userdb could be created successful.


  • Hi Pascal,

    Thanks for posting back and letting us know how you solved the issue - that way we all learn :)