Incluiding specific shared calendars in Busy Search results

I have a staff member who would like to have some specific shared calendar(s) included in busy search results for him. He uses two calendars to keep track of his own schedule. Is there a way for GroupWise 2012SP2 to accommodate this?

I can understand that it would be a bad idea to have busy search automatically included in busy search results. Obviously, there will be shared calendars that don't correspond to your schedule but I also see his point in wanting more than one calendar for his schedule.

If it is not possible in the current version or 2014 does anyone know if it is on the roadmap? I didn't see it on the general one.



  • I have put this in as an enhancement request. We understand that if you check the sub-calendar it will show in your main calendar and then be part of the busy search results for that mailbox. The user wants to be able to always have specific folders used in their busy search results even if they decide to uncheck that calendar from showing in their main calendar.

    I don't think I explained that well enough. The enhancement request that I put in was to put a checkbox property on each sub-calendar to allow it to be included in busy search results even if the user doesn't have it showing in their main calendar when someone does a busy search on their mailbox.

  • Hi Nyle,

    An enhancement request was the best thing you could've done. Thank you for taking the time to improve the product :)