Split mailrouting to external domain

Hi there

we have connected an external GroupWise Domain via "Connection to foreign System" to get the benefits of addressbook syncing and so on. Is it possible to split this link? We want to route outgoing messages through our GWIA and all the other stuff, like Addressbook-Sync should go over the configured domain link.

Ist there a way to configure the link? I Know, it could be difficult for the system to differentiate between a normal message and some admin messages.

Any hint or help would be appreciated, thanks in advance

regards, haddoc
  • Not that I'm aware of. Once you connect a GroupWise domain, those addresses are "known" to the system and will always go through the direct link. That said, while GW 2014 still has addressing rules around, I'm not sure if they would work. You could try to create an "addressing" rule that would send all mail through the gwia based on domain name. It's probably not considered a "supported" action though