Move GW Server to a new Tree

We are in the middle of making some changes: moving off our Novell 6.5 sp5 server to an OES 11 SP2 server that is in its own tree.

Right now, the Novell Server and my Groupwise server are in their own, different tree. The GW server contains the Master replica, and the Novell a RW replica. Neither one knows of the OES server.

I am doing a few migration projects to move over the users and data from the Netware server to the OES server (this is not/could not be a pre-migration type of move). Once everything is migrated over and sync'd, users will default to logging into the OES server and we will take down the Novell server and just use the OES server.

Right now, Novell users login and any changes made to their passwords are sync'd to the Groupwise server so that when they login to Groupwise, they use the same password. This needs to continue. Groupwise uses both LDAP and eDirectory authentication.

How do I move Groupwise into the tree that the OES server is in, and make it be the master replica and the OES the RW replica?

And do I have to worry about doing anything with my GWIA and datasync servers? (I don't think so as they just know the other servers by IP address, but asking just in case..)

Is there any step by step process on how to do this?

Kind regards,


PS - yes, we are moving to 2014 this quarter, one project at a time! ;-)