Restore Mailbox from OLD PO to NEW PO

This seems kinda ugly. I consolidated mailboxes from one PO to another by moving user/resources. It would seem that one mailbox failed to move properly, and I have since removed the source PO. I copied the USERXXX.db from the old PO to the new PO, and at least got the mailbox back, but no message bodies - which tells me because I need to get the content from the MSGXXX.dbs from the old PO. So, since I have the entire old PO structure accessible, how would I go about copying/restoring the mailbox from the OLD PO to the NEW PO?

(Groupwise 8.0.2 - Netware)
  • The mailbox in question is a resource (not a user)
  • Here are the results from the gwcheck run against the resource on the new PO. How do I recover from this?! I have not been successful getting access to the resource mailbox from the old PO.:

    Uncorrectable conditions encountered:
    - No problems found
    Correctable conditions encountered:
    ---- -------------------------------------------------- -----
    37 Item records with missing message database recs.... 1902
    40 Invalid MSG records found.......................... 271
    47 Subscribe records pointing to invalid user......... 2
    82 Inaccessible attachment files...................... 1
    84 Missing Verification Records....................... 1
  • I think I dodged a bullet!

    I copied the wphost.db and ngwguard.db from a backup prior to the user/resource move on the old server, and brought up the PO on the old server. I then logged in with the GW client and connected to the old PO using cli options:
    C:\Novell\GroupWise\grpwise.exe /@U-gwresourceowner-ccpo1 /ipa- /ipp:1678

    I then was able to proxy into the resource and see all the mail. I set the archive path to a network location and I then archived all the email.

    I then logged into the new PO as the resource, pointing the archive path to where I archived everything, and then unarchived all the items, effectively transferring all the emails from the old PO into the new PO.