reply changes recipient's address -autofill issue

User replies to an e-mail that has the sender's display name as "Nancy <username@domain>", the reply opens and the TO field immediately changes to a different "Nancy XXX" that is found in the user's Frequent Contacts. Needless to say, the e-mail went to the wrong person because my user didn't check the address (since she hit "reply"). Using the 14.0.2 client (build 120664). I'm guessing it s because the other "Nancy" is in the addressbook and the original sender only used her first name in the display, but I *hate* the autofill.

Sorry for the rant. One other issue with the autofill is if I'm searching for e-mails and I only remember the person's first name (e.g. Paul) so I type that in the TO field and it immediately gives me the Pauls in my addressbook, but this Paul is not, and I can't just search for "Paul" because the autofill always fills in one of the names from my addressbook.