Note issue

Running GW2014sp2 (build 121595) on my windows 8.1 machine.

We use a resource for our dept calendar and everyone has their
'schedule' (ie 7am-4pm, 8am-5pm, etc) listed in the notes, one line per
person. It's then changed to bold when it's different, like if a
person is off on vacation or whatnot on specific days.

I've noticed an oddity. When I go to change one of my notes to a bold
status for a day off, *all* of my notes on the resource get deleted
when I re-post it instead of being prompted to change the current
instance or all instances.

I've done this several times, and even from a windows 10 machine
running build 121595 also. Happens in online or caching mode.

I've also tried this on client build 120664.

This has always worked fine before, just started with the sp2 client,
as it works normally on the sp1 client.