eDir User Sync and Dynamic Groups and Distribution Lists

Alright, so I followed TID 3074853 on how to set up a Group as a Distribution List and then use iManager to turn it into a Dynamic Group. Then the eDirectory User Synchronization should update members of the Distribution lists based on these groups when it runs each night. The new Distribution Lists show up but have no members.

I have eDir User Sync enabled and the agent says that it has eDirectory access (yes).
I've checked my LDAP user is a trustee of the tree with [All Attribute Rights], select Compare and Read.
I've logged into LDAP using a browser and that user to confirm that it can see those new groups and see each member listed.
All the dynamic users are showing as member(s) of the groups in question.

When I go into the address book, I see the Distribution Lists based on those Dynamic Groups but no one is listed in the Distribution List. :(

Can someone steer me in the right direction of what to do to diagnose the issue? :cool: Thank you.