DVA dispalying weird symbols & corrupted attachements

Novell support provided patch gw14.2.2-125121 to fix webaccess buttons(reply, forward etc...) that weren't working from an iPad. The pach fixes the issue but it breaks the DVA. When you want to download an attachment(pdf, docx etc) it gets downloaded but when you try to open it it says is corrupted.
When you click on View the document you get all these weird symbols!! Anf of course there is no support from Novell for this. They suggested to put it in here in the forums. Can't wait to move away from GroupWise sadly to say.

So anyway I had to revert all our webaccess servers to the prior install(that doesn't work from iPads) I attached some pics any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you


  • Hi folks,
    same issue here. We applied a Micro Focus FTF for WebAccess regarding the iOS 10 UI issue.
    Behaviour shows weird chinese or whatever symbols when forwarding an email via WebAccess on Mac (Sierra) and Win 7 PC, attachments in WebAccess can't be opened and seem to be corrupt on Mac (Sierra) machines.
    Attachments can be opened on Win 7 machines.

    Workaround on Mac (Sierra): use simple Text mails (no HTML)

    Hope this information helps...
    Best regards
  • Hi,

    I'm busy making enquiries in the background - will post back information as I receive it.

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  • Same issue here after updating all components to 125121 due to ios10 issue. Reverted just the webaccess component back to 124917 (the one referred to in TID7018146 that contains the ios10 fix) and OK again. An annoyance which this build has introduced is the customer reports now is that in webacc there is a "click here to display images" banner text which has to be clicked each time, but that is a minor and separate matter.