GW 2014 R2 client-multiuser calendar proxy access

Hello all,

Anybody help me with the following - or is this just working as designed?

GW 2014 R2

I have a secretary who needs to plan appointments for all users in the organization. To this purpose, this person:

- opens the GW client as herself (Gw build 125xxx, Micro Focus rebranded)
- proxies into a GW planning resource
- opens the multi user calendar (either from left of the screen OR from the multi user calendar icon on top of the screen)
- tries to add one or more users whose calendar she wants to see
- but is unable to add the user to the multi calendar view because the checkbox is greyed out (see attachment to this post for example)

The secretary has full rights to the plannning GW resource, granted to the secretary by the owner of the resource. And (as part of internal policy), all calendars can be opened readonly by internal GW user ("all user access read" for calendar).

I would like to know if this is normal behaviour, as part of some proxy rights mechanism change in GW 2014 R2.

The screenshot in the attachment also shows something quite peculiar: trying to add user shows the very old, traditional internal GW name (name.po.gwsystem) of the user in the "Adres" column (obfuscated for security reasons...).