GroupWise 2012 - automatically printing incoming email

We have a dedicated internal GroupWise email account that is currently used to forward (using several rules based on subject line content) incoming email to certain specific user's email accounts - as well as select user's cell phones (via SMTP).

We'd also like to be able to automatically print some of these email messages. Ideally, using similar constructed rules based on subject. Basically, emails with say "emergency" in the subject line. Unfortunately, we've failed to find a method to do so in GroupWise 2012.

I suspect we're not the first GroupWise users to have this request or need. Hard to believe no one has suggested adding a "print" option to "rules" nor that it would be difficult to implement/add.

To circumvent this issue, we've gone as far as to setup a new iPrint Appliance VM - which allows sending email to printers (either using the "global" email account or a printer specific email account). Unfortunately, iPrint reads the "Subject" line for commands/print options - and balks at parsing the subject line of forwarded or delegated emails - as GroupWise automatically appends "Fwd:" to the subject line (or "Delegate") - even with the printer specific email account. We haven't figured out a way to stop GroupWise from adding the "Fwd:" nor any method of telling the iPrint Appliance to ignore the subject line as a whole (which we could do with a printer specific email account - as we don't need to pass any command options).

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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