Auto Update Rights

I'm trying to find a way to automate my update to 2014 R2 SP2 and my PC tech keeps finding about every way that you can to break the automation (not in the good testing way). The issue that I'm running into is that using Zenworks to deploy the update under the logged in user's account with the installer running as a dynamic local admin account it is taking nearly an hour per machine, where we can manually launch the update installer and put in our own local admin credentials and the update takes minutes.

That brings me to the GW Client Update. I'm sort of running into the same thing, I get the prompt to update and it requires an account with local administrative rights. My users don't have local administrative rights, how can I push the button and expect the update to go without having to send someone from IT to touch each system? Thanks!


  • Hi,

    With regards to this:
    That brings me to the GW Client Update

    If you are referring to the Client Update feature within the GroupWise system itself, well that does require local Admin rights and, unfortunately, there's no way around that. As for your ZenWork issue - that I'm not sure of, unless you are running into the .NET issue, but then you should be seeing an error.