E-mail from Word (Office 365)

Just recently moved from Office 2013 without OutLook installed to Office 2016(O365) with Outlook deployed. I have several end users that used the Share > E-mail function to send out the word document they were working on to people without opening GroupWise and sending it through that method. The function worked on the previous method without outlook installed. I don't know if O365 has done something different with the function or if the presents of Outlook is conflicting but this is no longer working.

When using the function within word I get "Word couldn't send mail because of MAPI failure: 'Unspecified error'."

I have redirected those tyring this to just attached with GroupWise instead. But this would be a nice thing to get working for them.

Any ideas?




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  • Rhuhman,

    > Thanks for the reply. Is there a way to get this without having to pay
    > for the SR? School has limited options for this. If not is this
    > something that will be fixed in the next release? Any idea when that
    > might be released?

    It will be in the next release however we do not yet have an ETA for that
    release. You can open an SR for the FTF, however, just be sure to let
    your technician know that it is for a defect that is only fixed in an FTF
    and you want the SR closed at no charge refunded.