Issues with frequent addressbook in delegated mailbox

Hi all,

First, i'm quite new working with Groupwise.

I'm having the following issue:

I logged in with my own username and password and through the online-button i open a delegated mailbox.

If i compose a new message, i type an emailaddress. This address is not usable the next time, because the address is saved in the delegated mailbox and not accessable from my own account.

Is there something i'm looking over??

Kind Regards,

Arjan Ploeg


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  • Hi Arjan,

    As far as I am aware it is not going to work as you want it to work. However, you can create an Addressbook in the account being proxied to. Add all the necessary contacts to that addressbook. Then share the address book with the people who proxy to that account. This will not solve the automatic saving of addresses, but is a workaround.