GW Error message on a couple of Win 10 workstations


I am getting an error message "Unable to locate an interface language dll. GWSHL1EN.DLL". I have uninstalled the client (gw14.2.3_client_win_multi.exe), rebooted, run CleanIT, re-installed but get the same message on reboot. Clicking "OK" three times clears the message and the client appears to work. Any idea as to how to fix this?


Rod Fraser


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  • In article <>, Rjfraser wrote:
    > I'm wondering if it is GroupWise, the
    > message references the GWSHL1EN.DLL dll but the logo on the message is a
    > Dropbox log. I don't now if that is significant at all.

    That makes me wonder if un-installing Dropbox, at least for testing might
    be of some use.
    Searching the registry for that file might also be useful as perhaps
    something got crossed up there.
    I would be inclined to run the CCleaner registry cleanup on those systems
    to see what that catches.

    Andy of in Toronto
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