GMS 2.1 - How to disable the web banner for CherryPy WSGI


we are running GMS 2.1 on a SLES 10 SP1.
A security check performed by HP told us to harden several web servers.

For our GMS they told us to disable the web banner (1.) and that it is not recommended to use RC4 ciphers (2.) on the encrypted service.


1. Web servers that are exposed to users should not reveal their exact type and version number as this will help an attacker refine the attack. Banners should be changed to reveal little, no or bogus information.
2. It is recommended that the use of RC4 ciphers is disabled on the encrypted service.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with CherryPy and I could not find any help until now.

1. I've tried to change the "" and restarted the server but my changes took no effect.
2. I couldn't find these settings anywhere. Under Apache I had to change it in "vhost-ssl.conf" but with CherryPy I cannot find any corresponding settings.

I hope anybody can give me advice what I have to change so that i can harden the server.

Best regards,