Where's the Attachment Size Limit set?

I really don't recall setting attachment size limits in Groupwise 2014 R2, but we have it setup somewhere. I have a user trying to sent out an attachment to a customer that is 40.8MB in size, and Groupwise comes back to them and says this:

"The size of this item and its attachments is 40.8 MB. This exceeds the administrator specified limit of 29.3MB.
This message cannot be sent. Please remove some attachments and try again."

I logged into the domain with the GWIA , click on the internet agent GWIA, Access Control, Settings, Class of Service, clicked on the only item in the list
which is "Default Calss of Service. It pops up with an "Edit Class of Service" window. I can see SMTP incoming does NOT have "Prevent messages larger than 0KB" checked, SMTP outgoing also does NOT have "Prevent messages lager than 0KB" checked.

If I check Access Control, SMTP Relay settings, same thing: "Prevent messages larger than 0KB" is NOT checked.

So.....where the heck is this setting that says 29.3MB?? Help.