mailbox full size but I can forward email

Groupwise 8.0.3 HP3 I have some mailbox with the quota exceded, They can't forward or reply emails but if They define a forward rules all emails can be sent to another destinations (internal or external to groupwise system).

I want to know if this is a bug or a need to define some configuration to block all when mailbox size is exceded .. Forward, reply, forward with rules, etc.etc..




  • Hi,

    The last time this was explained to me, I was told that the over quota send restrictions were implemented at the client side ( and WebAccess counts as a client ) and that rule execution at the POA does not enforce the quota restrictions. Hence a rule side steps the client over quota behaviour. But I believe it is working as designed, though the design might not be what you want.

    You can request an enhancement ( ) to make your needs known.

    -- Bob