GroupWise Distribution List and Contacts

I received a request to add members of our School board that don't wish to have a GroupWise account but do have e-mail (outside e-mail) to one of the Global Distribution Lists I manage. I haven't been able to find the information I am wanting on how this is done in GroupWise.

Can I create an added External e-mail address within the GroupWise Distribution List or is this something that only the end user should be doing? Did I miss this in the documentation somehow?

Thanks for the help.

  • I had to do this briefly a few years ago on GW8, so I don't know if the same goes for 2014. IIRC, steps steps you need to follow were along the lines of:

    - create an External Domain in GroupWise
    - create post office inside the External Domain
    - Add external user to new PO, set the UserName to the the first part of their email address, e.g. bobsmith (no dots allowed)
    - Modify the user, in Internet Addressing override the preferred address format and Set the Preferred email address to be the first part of the external account address e.g. bob.smith
    - Override the Internet Domain name and set the 2nd part of the email address e.g.
    - Tick the "For incoming mail, recipients are known exclusively by this Internet domain name" checkbox
    - Click apply, then click email addresses and you should see the valid format you wish to use listed. This account can now be seen in the GW addressbook and added to DLs as you need.

    Hope that helps with 2014,