Update windows clients from SDD from PO on linux (8.0.3)

I'm trying to mount a Software Dist. Directory to update automatically my windows clients from a post office in GW 8.0.3.
So, I have installed SDD, I have declared in Consoleone, I marked post office(from consoleone) pointing to this SDD, and finally I test that in the post office log says "Successfully accessed Software Distribution Directory-/gwsist/repo_sw".

So now, my questions are:

I have read that there is an SDD configuration file called "setup.cfg", but in my SDD (linux) no such file exists. On the other hand in my SDD groupwise client I have only linux, not windows.
What is the next thing I have to do? What is the way to put the groupwise windows client in my Soft. Dist. Directory(on linux)?

I would appreciate anyone who has configured client updates any time can lend me a hand.