GMS2014 R2 Is there a hotpatch for the GMS Server?


Our GMS Server has been aweful since upgrading to 2014R2. It's down nearly daily. I cannot see any error it's showing as being available has green lights on the Groupwise and the Mobile agent, and yet....... The phones / ipads just all stop receiving emails. The server is working hard, acting as if it's processing everything and yet nothing appears on the phones.

I have to do a rcgms stop and then start to get it all kicking back into life. I'm doing it twice a day and senior management are to say the least starting to voice their disproval. Anyone seen similar and got any quick fixes.

I've put on a fix a while ago when Calendars starting to go wrong showing multiple apointments that worked great, but haven't spotted any full HP or fix for the system and it's aweful. I'm contemplating sticking in a crontab job to stop and restart the services every few hours in the hope that will keep it plodding along.

I forgot to say. It is set to do a re-index and a vacuum of the database every 4 months.

It's not short of space has 16gb of memory, 500gb of disk space. It has a single quad core Xenon X3323 2.5Ghz cpu. It could possibly do with a new array as raid 10 as it does moan occasionally that the disks are working at 100% but it doesn't seem to have any other issues. There are around 350 ipads and iphones synced to it... What sort of level of hardware should I be looking at for this... Do I possibly need to throw a lot larger server at it? It does occasionally use a bit of swap space, but i'm not sure if that really means that i should just throw memory at it. If it's mainly a memory issue i'll happily throw 128gb in there instead of 16gb if that would solve it.