Is the iPhone7 Supported?????

Our company owner just purchased an iPhone7 and he's getting towards nuclear because he cannot get it working with GMS. We are on 2014 R2 Groupwise patched through September I believe, and also with the latest GMS version. I am suspecting iOS 10 is not yet supported, or it is an ActiveSync version issue - iPHone uses a different flavor than the GMS? I am desperate here. I am on vacation for 2 weeks in Europe, and I have to give a definitive answer here as to why we cannot get his phone working. He may not like that it's not yet supported, but if that's what it is, that's it. The president of the company has walked him thru the settings, telling me he's pretty sure all is done correctly, and how come it isn't working??? I don't know, I can't see what they've done so I can only take it on faith they've done all the right settings.


And what is the version of ActiveSync used with iOS 10 versus what GMS supports ?