user with multiple emails domains

I have a site with 9 domains

I need to setup a couple of users with emails form and
(outgoing by pop accounts)

I can do that by Unticking for incoming mail, recipients are known exclusively

problem JUNK to paul@domain1.....9 is also received !

Any way to enable more than 1 domain BUT not all!!
  • Hi,

    Unfortunately you are a little limited in this area of internet addressing.

    Indeed, you have the option of selecting "Known Exclusively" but that limits you to a single domain. But not having that set means that mail for all iDomains specified for your GWIA will be accepted for that account. You can't pick and choose select domains from your multiple domain list.

    Perhaps you would like to enter an enhancement request: ?

  • Thanks Laura

    I sort of knew but thought it worth asking if someone had invented the wheel !!

    My experience is from 1984 to date Novell does NOT listen.

    I know that's negative but a FACT :~(
  • Hi,

    Please may I encourage you to submit an enhancement request. Without doing so Novell (and the GroupWise product manager) will never know that such a need exists.

  • In article <>, Bhrt60 wrote:
    > My experience is from 1984 to date Novell does NOT listen.

    While they've been bad with the feed back on our feed back, I have seen
    them take things requested by myself and others and implement them, so
    they aren't totally ignoring us on that front. Sometimes it just takes
    a few years for the thing we ask for to become a reality in a product.
    Also note that we are in a period of change with the Microfocus
    purchase, and there have been some signs that they working on improving
    this front.

    Use the enhancement request system as that makes sure your request
    stays where the team in question can see it, and if you look at your
    previous requests, you will see what has been happening with them, even
    if it is an active decision to not implement at this time.

    Andy of in Toronto
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