Setting up new Mobility Datasync server to replace old

We want to setup a new Datasync server (SLES 11 sp2 on ESXi 5.1 VM) with latest Datasync version, which I believe is 1.2.5-.299. We currently have older version running (1.2.4) but every time I have attempted to apply the update, the Datasync server breaks badly. So, we are just going to start fresh. Just wondering if it is OK to configure a 2nd Datasync server with similar settings (except for name and IP address, etc.) while our old unit is still up and running? Ideally, we will want to get the new unit running and synchronizing all the accounts before shutting down old server. Then, we would just have to make a DNS and firewall change to route requests to the new server. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

  • donahueit;2288371 wrote:
    ...We currently have older version running (1.2.4) but every time I have attempted to apply the update, the Datasync server breaks badly. ...

    Could be you are having the issue I came across a couple of weeks ago with one site I was trying to update to 1.25.

    Question for you: Looking at the connector names in your Mobility WebAdministration portal.... how are they named? Is it different to (and CAPS do matter in this case) "groupwise" and "mobility"? That can be the case if you have an old datasync mobility system where you could or had to create your own connectors.

    If this is the case (connectors not named "groupwise" and "mobiliy"), you will need to do some configuration changes and edit some database tables/entries before being able to apply the 1.2.5 (or higher) update successfully. Novell can assist you in getting this sorted so you can update the existing system. You will need to open an SR to have them walk you through it.

    Also see this TID if the connector naming is what's causing the issue:

  • Ended up building new SLES server and installing Mobility 1.2.5. But, in doing this the users had to resync to the new server which, for most accounts, was not a problem. A couple users, however, complained about losing many, many contacts. So, it appears that for these users the sync direction:

    Groupwise Add. Book -> Datasync -> Phone (works)
    Phone -> Datasync -> Groupwise Add. Book (does not work)

    Does this seem like the problem these couple users (Android) had?

  • It appears this is a problem related to how the GW client is setup in terms of the "default" address book. If default address book is set to "Frequent Contacts" then the phone syncs new contact entries (created on the phone) to frequent contacts. Then, if a fresh new resync of the device is done (as when we changed Mobility servers) the entries in Frequent Contacts do not get synced back to the phone hence the missing contacts. Solution, apparently, is to avoid use of "Frequent Contacts" as the default Address book in Groupwise.