Find Results Online Vs Caching mode

One of the company owners with a large box is having issues with their mailbox. The search of the Cached mailbox was coming up with incomplete results.

So today we deleted the old cache mailbox and re-downloaded it. One issue we had was the download stopped in the middle 10 plus times.

Now when we do a search on the local cache we MORE results than the online copy. Also it takes 15 minutes to do a search of the cache mailbox, while the online copy takes 20 seconds.

This is GroupWise 8.



  • Hi Phil,

    The caching mailbox builds it's own index locally for doing searches. Online uses the indexes created on your post office. If your online find results are not complete that is typically indicative that the Quick Finder indexing process has not adequately been adjusted from default to what is optimal in a live environment.

    Perhaps let us know what your QF settings are e.g. qflevel (look in the poa startup file for this), start time (offset from midnight) and interval.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • Later on Friday night we again downloaded the mailbox to a different PC. This download occurred cleanly, with us only once needing to restart the process. This copy of the mailbox also gave the same search results for email on both cached and server copies! We later found an Adware malware on the laptop where we started the process. So i am guessing the malware messed up the download and gave us a corrupt mailbox.

    But.... while doing a simple search on the cached mailbox (which is 16 Gigs) it took 15-20 minutes. The same search took 30 seconds for the server copy. Does the cached copy of the mailbox have a quick finder index? If so how do I reindex?

  • Hi Phil,

    Perhaps this is helpful:

    Also, please do give me your settings for indexing on your POA - I still suspect that your settings are not optimal.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  • In article <>,
    PhilJannusch wrote:
    > But.... while doing a simple search on the cached mailbox (which is 16
    > Gigs) it took 15-20 minutes

    How long has that new cache been sitting with regular send/retrieves
    running? We've found that with the larger mailboxes you have to let it
    run over night to get caught up on its own indexing. With the
    send/retrieve running every 5 minutes you can get to indexing about
    150000 messages over 12 hours if the system can keep up with the load.
    How many messages does this mailbox have?
    Is this on spinning disk or SSD?

    Make sure any antivirus on the PC is NOT doing anything with the caching
    mailbox, it MUST be excluded. I have yet to see any antivirus that has
    proper view of or respect for caching mailboxes with results ranging
    from merely slow access through to corrupt mailboxes.

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