Polling information from GroupWise (Monitor) to Nagios


I am currently setting up a monitoring environment based on an Open Moniotoring Dustribution server (using a Nagios core). The setup performs fine so far and I am almost done figuring out how to get the data I want.

One of the big things left on my todo-list is our GroupWise-cluster. Since the cluster was installed and is serveiced by an external company and I have close to no knowledge of the inner workings of GroupWise, we as a group decided that it would be wise that I use read-only-SNMPv2 to monitor those servers. I wasn't exactly pleased when I learned that SNMP doesn't work on 64-Bit-Linux-servers.

After learning that we have a working GroupWise Monitor running, I was wondering if it is possible to poll Data from the GroupWise Monitor and get it to my Nagios-server.

If not, what else can I do in order to get my all of my monitoring done with Nagios.