GMS 2014 R2 Upgrade in place

I have a GMS 2014 R2 server running on SuSE11SP4. My GW system is still 2014 R2 as well. I am in the process of doing in place upgrades on the GW servers to get them to supported SuSE12 level . I read in the docs that you can do a in place upgrade on GMS server to SuSE12. I tried the process last night taking a snapshot of the server beforehand. The upgrade on the server went fine, but none of the GMS services would start afterwards. It was almost like they weren't there after the upgrade. I reverted the snapshot back to the original server and was back were I started. It would be allot easier if I could upgrade the server in place and then do a in place upgrade of GMS once I am on SuSE12. Has anyone do it this way and it worked?