Lost formatting of messages on iOS devices

Hello, we are currently running Mobility 2.0 Build 429 and GW 2012 SP3. As of last week our iOS users lost what looks like html formatting. I have included a screen shot of the same email in Groupwise View and in iOS view so you can see. I checked the Groupwise connector and made sure html is enabled so not sure where to go next outside of "you need to upgrade to the latest".

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  • On 03/07/2014 16:56, housej55 wrote:

    > Hello, we are currently running Mobility 2.0 Build 429 and GW 2012 SP3.

    I suggest that you try upgrading GroupWise Mobility Service to version
    2.0.1 build 53 and see if the problem still exists.

    As for the version of GroupWise you're using, given that that latest
    Support Pack available for GroupWise 2012 is currently SP2 are you sure
    you're running "GW 2012 SP3"?

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  • Yeah, I meant SP2 on Groupwise. I must have read a thread just recently about SP3 or something. So far, the upgrade to 2.0.1 seems to have addressed this and keeping a eye on it. How this issue "just arises" out of nowhere is beyond me. All in all, the president of our company will be happy .
  • Hello,

    I had a smiliar issue with appointments and tasks (lost of attribute when modified on an iPhopne). In my case, It's a bug of the actual version of GMS

    I had this issue with one of my customer, and had the chance to have direct contact with Novell developpment team.
    This issue is known, and will be fixe in the next release of GMS (2.1)