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Running GMS 2.0.1 build 53 on sles11sp3 connected to my gw2012sp2
system. We add / remove users to GMS via membership in a GW dist list.

A while ago I added our dept calendar resource for some testing to the
dist list that syncs with GMS.

I removed said resource from that dist list, and the resource still
shows up as a user in my GMS console. I've restarted services from
within the console as well as at the server console, and the resource
stays listed.

What give? What do I need to do to get rid of this resource from my
GMS setup?

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  • Andy Konecny sounds like they 'said':

    > Then unless someone else comes up with an idea, it is either an SR or
    > just leaving it there hoping it doesn't get in the way while trying
    > it periodically when you've updated GMS.

    So my response to Andy's comment is...

    I opened an SR yesterday afternoon, we'll see what NTS can figure out
    with it.

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