Missing From Information for Some Messages on Androids

Hello All,

We are having an issue where some of our messages that come in are missing the "From" information. This means that if we click Reply, the To field is empty and we have to manually type the address IF we even know their address. Here is a summary of all of the facts.

  • GroupWise 2012 SP2
  • Data Syncronizer 1.2.4
  • Messages missing sender are ALWAYS from outside our office, but happens in less then half the incoming messages.
  • The issue only happens on Android devices. I have confirmed it on two Motorola Atrix 2's and a Motorola Razr M. iPhones and iPads do not have the same issue.
  • We are using the native Android Mail app.
  • The Atrix's are on Jelly Bean and the Razr is on Kit Kat.
  • Happens on multiple user mailboxes.
  • I have tried completely re-initializing a user to see if there was an issue with the mailboxes on the Data Sync server. After the re-sync, the issue still existed

Any ideas?

Daniel Joaquin