Unable to re-add user and LDAP does not find anyone

I am running GMS 2.0.1 Build 53 and GroupWise 2014 SP1. I recently installed a new post office and moved all users from one and old PO to a new PO on an NSS drive. After doing so I looked at the syncing on the GMS and found that some had failed and me being impatient, I removed myself from the list thing I would reinstall and all would be great with the world.

However when I tried to reinstall my user via LDAP, my user was not found. When I tried via Groupwise, it stated I was already on the system.

I found a thread that showed how to see if the LDAP was working on the GMS server and it was able to find my user.

So 2 questions:

Why doesn't the GMS search the LDAP?

How do I completely remove my user from from GMS?