Hyperlinks in email not recognised


We have a user that receives an email newsletter from an external company containing links to articles on their website.

When you hover over the link the status bar shows that it is looking for a file on your C drive under the logged in user’s profile path. Same result for them and me.

Clicking on the link generates a “Windows cannot find…” error (as the file does not exist), and then a subsequent “Novell GroupWise – GroupWise error” on closing the Windows error box.

If you right-click on the message and view source, you can see that the links start with “www.” and are missing the preceding “http://”. As I understand it, it is the forward slashes that tell GroupWise that it is an external link. Other links in the footer of the email do have the prefix and take you to the relevant web page as expected.

With the prefix missing, is there any way of telling GroupWise that it is a web link rather than a file?

Thanks for any help.