450 Host down

I have successfully migrated GW8 (domain, po, gwia, webaccess) from a NW65 box to SLES10sp2 VM running on XenServer 6.2. All users can access their mailboxes thru GW clients on the PC workstations or WebAccess. The system can also receive mail from the Internet... but is unable to send mail.

DNS on the network is running properly and I can nslookup with the DNS within the network from the VM running GW8.

I am checking the GWIA object using ConsoleOne on the VM, but the GroupWise tab is missing from the Properties screen. I've checked TIDs but doesn't seem to help the problem.

Any clue? Below is the error alert in my mail box when I was testing outbound mail.


The message that you sent has been delayed.

The reason given for the delay:
450 Host down (gmail.com)

Information about your message:
Subject: Test mail @ 1213
GroupWise Message Id: 53CC9359.A8F:154:26027
Message log tag: 523851
Number of send attempts: 6
Time of initial send attempt: 07-21-14 12:13:20
Time of last send attempt: 07-21-14 16:41:48