Threshold for warning users not working

We are running on GW2012 SP2. We have a user who reached his Mailbox size limit and did not get notified about it. I adjusted my Threshold for warning users value 2% above my current Mailbox Size and I sent myself a couple of messages with huge attachments to see if I get any notification. After sending the test messages, my Mailbox Size grew to 4% above the Threshold for warning users value and I did not get any notification. I logged out of the GW client and logged back in and still did not get any notification that I was past the threshold. I also enabled Notify the administrator when threshold limit is exceeded and the administrator did not get a notification either. What notification am I as the user supposed to expect? And what notification is the Administrator supposed to get? If I am supposed to get an email, any idea why I am not getting it? Thanks for any help with this.

Update: I have to add that the user is using WebMail, so I was sending email to myself using WebMail too. I realize that when using the GW Client to send email that I would get a pop up notification once I've reached the threshold, but in WebMail I do not get that pop up notification that I get when using the GW Client.
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    > We have a user who reached his Mailbox
    > size limit and did not get notified about it.

    How is the user accessing their mailbox when this happens?
    The pop up is only for the Windows client.
    In WebAccess, look at the top right to the right of the gear. It shows
    a little bar that is filled proportional to the limit and is coloured
    appropriately (i.e. Goes red when close to the limit)

    As for as 'Administrator', who is actually configured for that role in
    the properties of each Domain? That is who it should go to.

    Do you run automated GWChecks? Mailbox limits sometime need a prodding
    to become effective and a good set of automated GWChecks will tend to
    kick those along. Of specific note is within a Contents check to
    "Update user disk space totals"

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