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I have a GroupWise system that currently supports 1500 users, and now with the support of the Outlook client available with GMS 2014R2 I need to plan on supporting our users with Outlook. At this point it is hard to say how many of the users will want to switch from the GW client to Outlook but I am thinking it will be well over 50% of those users. In the documentation it states that it will support up to 750 users and 1000 devices - that being said, if I needed to support all of my users with Outlook, how should I design the environment? Multiple GMS servers?

Thanks for any feedback - just trying to keep GW in our environment without having to migrate to Exchange as long as we can.

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    > if I needed to support all of my users
    > with Outlook, how should I design the environment? Multiple GMS
    > servers?

    The biggest trick will be attachments as GMS does have an upper size
    setting (with a tiny default) afterwhich the attachments are just
    ignored. First step is figuring out what sort of attachments are being
    lobbed around.
    - Do you limit message size at all within your system?
    - What are the typical sizes of the larger messages?

    GMS makes and stores a copy of each message locally, but what I haven't
    figured out yet is if they are separate copies or do we get any benefit
    of single store like we do within a GroupWise Post Office.
    The implication is that your GMS servers will have to be at least as
    large as your PostOffice and possibly bigger.
    The number of supported devices is based on the lighter load that a
    mobile device does. A full blown Outlook client is more likely to hit
    more often with more data. You will get to find out how Outlook will
    behave if you try to send an attachment that is larger than what the
    current size limit is set to.

    What might be worth starting is a list(intranet?) Of the things they
    will lose switching off of the GroupWise client. Then you can point to
    that when they ask how to do all those things Outlook/Microsoft doesn't
    'Little' things such as proxy and message retraction (which doesn't
    work once Outlook has the message)

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