We had an issue where our GroupWise LDAP Authentication stopped working.
To fix it, we turned off LDAP SSL on port 636.
In ConsoleOne the objects for the Servers
DNS AG xxx
IP AG xxx
SSL CertificateDNS-xxx
SSL CertificateIP-xxx
all show the Certificate will not expire until March of 2020, and do Validate ok.
In iManager "Novell Certificate Access", "Server Certificates" they are Expired.
but they expired 2 weeks ago. (Must have had a grace period)

What is the correct procedure to update the Certs in iManager?
I find conflicting info. Some sources say to use the "Replace" feature in the Server Certificates Task, some say to go to "Novell Certificate Server" task then select "Repair Default Certificate".
No Users authenticate to NDS but a few admin staff. We don't use File or Print sharing, Only GroupWise Functions.

What is the correct way to refresh the Certs for a date in the future?
Thank You!