Requirements for GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange

The documentation for "GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange" states that it is compatible with Exchange 2010, but no mention of Exchange 2013. I know that this would not be a supported configuration, but has anyone successfully gotten the "GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange" to work with Exchange 2013? If yes, any limitations (web feature doesn't work etc...)?

The documentation also states that the GW 2012 SP2 client is required to use the busy search feature. Wondering if anyone has tried the busy search functionality with the GW 8.0.3 SP1 client?

Here is what I would like to do:

- Have existing GroupWise 8.0.2 sp2 system
- Update Primary domain to GW 2012 sp2, and add GW 2012 sp 2 secondary domain
- Install configure "GroupWise Coexistence Solution for Exchange" on the GW 2012 sp2 secondary domain along with a Exchange 2013 system
- Continue to use existing version of GroupWise client (8.0.3 hp1)

I could set this up in a lab, but I would like to save myself the trouble if someone knows for sure that this won't work.

Thanks in advance