PO doesn't start

This is a gw 2012 sp 2 system. I created a secondary domain, set up NFS shares so that primary server and secondary servers can connect to both domains. That was working. When I start the system the po is closed down. Here is a part of the mta log:

15:30:11 F3EC RTR: stu-domain: 00000821.00A: Routing /media/nss/SVUSD1DATA/stu-domain/mslocal/gwinprog/2/00000821.00A (1 kb)
15:30:11 F3EC RTR: stu-domain: 00000822.00A: Routing /media/nss/SVUSD1DATA/stu-domain/mslocal/gwinprog/2/00000822.00A (1 kb)
15:30:11 F486 MTP: stuSVUSDpo-ipS0: Unable to open connection 0x8925. Address = stu-grpwise.svusd.us, Port = 7101
15:30:11 F486 stuSVUSDpo: Post office now closed
15:30:13 F4DB DIS: Processing restart request
15:30:13 F4DB DIS: MTA restart in progress
15:30:50 F4DB LOG: Logging: Restarted

I can't find the poa file. I think I made the mistake in that this is a new server. I had the primary and secondary domain directories set up and had the servers communicating (as I mentioned above). I then installed the agents and then created the new po object in C!. I think I was suppose to do it the other way around.

MTA is running just no POA running. Suggestions?

Oh one more strange detail. In C1 when I look at the POA properties the DB version shows 5. MTA shows 2012 as expected.