Unable to have more than one account on Mobile device

After an upgrade to Version: 18.1.0 Build: 436 (which actually turned in a complete reinstall after the upgrade failed multiple times), I can no longer connect more than one account on my Mobile device.

Mobile device is Nexus 5
Anriod Version 6.0.1

Mail App
GMAIL Version 8.12.30 230564275 release

Way to duplicate problem.
Add an exchange account and connect to GMS server. This works fine for the first account. It's irrlevant which account is first.
Add a second exchange account with a second account on the same GMS server or another GMS server and the account will be created and it appears that both are syncing.
After a few seconds, both accounts will disppear from the accounts listed in the phones settings and you have only the gmail account left.

As long as you only add one account, it will work.

I used to have 3 accounts when using 2014.SP2 of the GMS server with no problems.

Does anyone have any ideas on what the problem might be?
  • No problems here with multiple exchange accounts on ios with default email client.
  • An update on this issue

    A recent update of the google email app on Android seems to have solved one problem but introduced another.
    I can now add multiple accounts, however, when you get the security request allowing administrator access to the device for GMS you can not activate or cancel.
    By some fluke, I managed to get two accounts working using GMS, but can't figure out what I did to get the 3rd one going. It continues to ask for the security request to be activated, but the screen won't let me.
    Anecdotally, it appears some new security protocol has be implemented and either GMS or the app developers haven't gotten the implementation correct. Under 2014 GMS there was no problem.
    I'm suspecting the app developers, as Blue Mail had other issues that are now fixed with an update of BlueMail. I can only hope that google solve their app problem fast.

    Current version of the email app is