moving from Exchange 2003 to GroupWise

Client has a MS Small Business 2003 Server - just 25 users

  • MS dumped the SBS line of servers
  • moving to new Server will now means 2 x SERVERS
  • Client also uses Terminal Server - so that means yet another server
  • Moving from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2013 is NOT possible
  • Exchange 2003 > Exchange 2008 > Exchange 2013 is expensive in Downtime and Consultancy cost

Client hasn't got the budget for above - consultancy cost alone is a killer

Are there any tools from Novell which will enable quick upgrade?

Export to PST and Import PST is time consuming - some mailboxes are 30Gb
I appreciate most people will go the other way so Novell probably don't think its worth investing in tools to simplify the process!
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