Warning !!! - Review your DBcopy backup. It dosen't work..

FYI - DBcopy does NOT work as expected !

Having made a Backup using DBCOPY

dbcopy -d /source /destination
dbcopy -p /source /destination

I stopped GW and deleted the LIVE Domain
  • my understanding of dbcopy is that it will take a backup of your domain and po without any issue

    the gwia is relatively sacrificial and is not always in the same place or with the same directory name, the sam goes for webaccess

    i've found to restore a gwia it's easier just to blow it away and recreate it
  • I have always tended to do a copy during initial setup of system and backup
    There are time due to time that I have not kept with that...

    If you have to restore from backup and you are 100 miles away....
    Having to reinstall GWIA component (or reinstall anything).... lost for words

    Now that I know this is a problem - I will make sure the domain is copied first with cp or rsync!!!

    it takes less than 2 minutes to shutdown GW and rsync or cp the domain folder

    Novell should put this in the documentation.

    PS: Another issue - if you are REMOTE - GW can't be installed using VNC (and I'm not a command line junki!!)
  • GW can be installed remotely using an SSH client with an Xwindows redirect such as XMing - I do this all the time!

  • bhrt60;2254473 wrote:
    It is necessary to down the Agents and Copy the DOMAIN folder 1st time around

    After that DBcopy as above does allow you to backup and restore in case of problems

    Curious indeed.... Which version of dbcopy have you used?

    I've done multiple migrations to Linux/OES (which also includes the -m switch) and reusing the files without having to reinstall components.

    I'll give this a test when I can, as dbcopy should indeed copy all needed files... good thing only the gwia folder seems affected as that's easily corrected.

  • Dbcopy from Shipping GW2012 version

    This is not migration though !

    Other times I've done temp restore to get deleted - work ok since all I'm interested in PO !
    Granted GWIA doesn't take long to re-install - (I prefer NOT to have to mess around with a Live system unless its totally necessary)

    As I said just making sure you copy the DOMAIN folder with agents down seems to work so its a no brainer since a system with 200Gb only takes 2 mins to down and copy domain!
  • If you are using 64 bit OES and NSS - watch out !

    Since GW is 32bit only...

    potential problem see tid 7010474

    Suggested to NTS both this and coping DOMAIN folder with agents OFF should be DOCS not just TID!
  • I would much rather take the 2 minutes to copy DOMAIN folder with agents OFF

    I prefer NOT to have to FIX anything that does not need fixing...

    10 mins to re-install GWIA can easily turn into 30/40...mins

    been meaning check out XMing
  • bhrt60;2254473 wrote:
    FYI - DBcopy does NOT work as expected !

    dbcopy -d /source /destination
    dbcopy -p /source /destination

    "Well there is your problem!" Missing the -m option. As documented, -m includes all files in the source, even those which are not part of the GW database structures. For example, from my production backup scripts:

    Full backup:

    /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/dbcopy -m -d /grpwise/gw1/mta /mnt/gwbackup/gw1/mta
    /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/dbcopy -m -p -f -t 3 /grpwise/gws1/poa /mnt/gwbackup3/gws1/poa

    Daily Refresh - Pick Up Any Files Modified in last 5 days:

    /opt/novell/groupwise/agents/bin/dbcopy -m -p -f -t 3 -i `date -d "5 days ago" %m-%d-%Y` /grpwise/gws1/poa /mnt/gwbackup3/gws1/poa

    I have used to migrate from old to new server, from old to new disk array on same server, as well as disaster recovery. -m is your friend. That and reading the logs to ensure it all worked.

    -- Bob